Why one should plan a budget wedding now
NIRAJ ON MAY 30, 2020

Budget weddings are not just about having budget hotels or small menu or reducing the number of guests, it’s also about getting good decor and getting the best of events in the budget, which will be key to decide on which event planner or Decor Company, bride and groom will choose from.

COVID 19 / Corona has made all rethink on how and whom, we choose to, as a wedding planner, and also what deliverables are promised and how it will result in at the date. With new guidelines, it will be a hard decision for the bride and groom an family to have the best wedding planner with good experience and history of delivering the promises been made at the beginning.

Social distancing, Safety, and fear with guests of Corona, not only hotel but event planner will also have to deal with requirements and follow new norms. Choose the right planner or decorators with cost-effective arrangements alongside beautification of venue and event would a great task.

Decor for each event will have to have detailed to be matching with the theme as chosen by bride and groom, for respective events keeping in mind the required safety norms of Government more than Government it will have for all the guests attending the wedding.

Detailing of safety with the making of each event a success will be great requirements by guest and also venue partners or hotels. An event planner or wedding planner will be responsible to suggest hotels or venues which can also offer food/menu which also take care of presentation along with space and serving taking care of social distancing with proper service and taste for guests.

COVID 19, Corona, Quarantine, Stay safe, Stay home, Isolation, Social distancing, Lockdown, Curfew, Survival, Safety, Shelter, are the new terminology which has been in use in last 60 days world over, won’t be wrong if we say, most used words on internet in these 60 plus days, removing the fear and create wedding program, with being cost-effective and maintaining the quality.

Sanitization of venue, dishes, and waiters serving the food will have to the new key for the success of wedding n events, along with decor and event.

On one hand you will save a lot of money on your wedding by planning a budget wedding and on the other hand budget wedding is the only thing that suit up the current covid-19 scenario.

Niraj Shrimal

Niraj professionally a management graduate with over 10 years of experience planning & organising destination weddings all over Rajasthan. He has helped more than 100 couples to see their “dream day” coming true.

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